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Acorn A180

Curved Stairlift

Availability: New & Reconditioned

The Acorn / Brooks 180 stairlift has an extensive range of standard and optional features, so whatever your staircase or your personal requirements, we can customise the stairlift to suit each of your individual needs.

Acorn (Brooks) A180 Curved

The Acorn or Brooks (Same company!) 180 stairlift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability. Incorporating many of the characteristics of Brooks/Acorns best selling straight stairlifts the Brooks / Acorn 180 is a truly class leading product offering a wide range of options and accessories. Using the latest technology and Brooks / Acorns modular rail concept, the Brooks / Acorn 180 has been developed to accommodate virtually all curved staircases.

With the Acorn / Brooks 180 Curved Stairlift, there's no longer any need to compromise your independence and struggle with the stairs in your home. You can be proud to join the thousands of people all over the world who enjoy independent living at home, thanks to the Acorn / Brooks 80.


The Acorn / Brooks has a built-in soft start and stop facility, and you can be sure that your stairlift is always ready for use thanks to the integral rechargeable battery pack, even in the event of a mains power failure.

The Acorn / Brooks 180 fits practically any curved staircase, and its slim, attractive rail fits to your stairs, so there's no damage to your home. It has been designed to include a wide variety of comfort and safety features, to provide you with many years of safe and reliable enjoyment of your stairlift. To ensure your lift is simple and effortless to operate, the Acorn / Brooks 80 has also been designed with ease of use and comfort in mind.

The unique self-levelling transport system moves the stairlift along the low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and level of the seat when moving round corners. The stairlift's electronic programming ensures optimum performance at all times, providing a comfortable ride

When not in use, the Acorn / Brooks 180 can be folded away; its slim profile and unique inside parking ability ensures that the staircase is not obstructed, allowing other members of the household to use the stairs as normal.

Next Day Installs Available

Subject to terms and conditions

The first thing to remember is that all stair lifts were not created equal! Although there is an ever growing demand for stair lift equipment, it is truly amazing how many out dated products are being installed in peoples homes throughout theUK. This old technology equipment can be troublesome for the user - why? - because it's unreliable. Things have moved on since the days of chain drives and trailing cables.

Modern stair lifts, like the Acorn or Brooks 180 Stair Lift, are state of the art, in terms of design and manufacture, yet are so simple to install and maintain.

As with most things - there is a baffling amount of choice out there in the marketplace. When choosing a piece of equipment like a stair lift, it is important to ensure that you are making like-for-like comparisons. Think carefully when buying this type of product via the internet. Your first real opportunity to clearly see the features, engineering (and limitations) of your new stair lift, are when it arrives on your doorstep.

Loaded with features

  1. Self charging D.C power for quiet running

  2. Swivel seat - no need for twisting to get on and off

  3. Folding arms, footrest and seat allow easy access to the stairway.

  4. Hand-held remote controls allow users to 'call' or 'send' the lift up and down the staircase

  5. Hinged tracks available

  6. Quick delivery and installation time

  7. Padded seat and backrest

  8. Diagnostic digital display informs the user of the status of the lift.

  9. Electronic and mechanical braking systems

  10. Safety cut-out sensors

  11. Smooth start-stop action

  12. Outdoor Model Available

Product Videos

Who are Acorn Stairlifts?

Since their earliest days in 1992, Acorn has strived to set new standards in quality and innovation for the stairlift industry. Their pioneering designs and engineering excellence have led the way and helped Acorn grow to become the world's leading independent companies specialising solely in the manufacture of stairlifts.



Built to exacting standards at their factories in Yorkshire and Scotland, their cutting-edge stairlifts are now exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.  An Acorn Stairlift is installed somewhere in the world every eight minutes, 365 days-a-year.

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