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AMW Lift and Mobility Services make stairlift repair and stair lift servicing a priority and an important part of the services we offer. 


Stairlift breakdown?
Give AMW Stairlifts a call.

AMW Lift and Mobility Services make stairlift repair and stair lift servicing a priority and an important part of the services we offer.  A stairlift, whether domestic or commercial gives full use of the premises it is installed in back to the user. For anyone who is disabled or has limited mobility, is injured, or elderly stair lifts keep people independent and in their own homes. Stairlift servicing, stairlift repairs, and stair lift service contracts safeguard this access and make sure the user’s home remains accessible. Stair lift service and repair is a key component of stairlift ownership for all those who rely on the access it provides.​​

  • Rapid Response

  • Fully qualified engineers

  • All Makes and models

  • Competitive pricing

  • A large number of spares carried on fully equipped vans

  • Warranty and Insurance work undertaken

  • Friendly advice

  • Written or verbal quotes available

If you have a problem with your stairlift then do not hesitate to call us where you will be able to speak to one of our engineers, sometimes it is possible to diagnose a problem over the phone and our engineers are more than willing to help.

Remember our stairlift fitters will always carry identification and arrive in one of our sign written vans.
For more information or to discuss a breakdown, please contact our head office.

General Service and Repair

Non-emergency repairs and servicing for your stair lift can be scheduled with us during the week at a time that is convenient for you. Our manufacturer trained engineers are able to work on any make and any model of the stair lift. They will identify the issues, discuss the solutions with you and consult with you on the best option for your budget.

A Stairlift service and safety check from AMW Stairlifts typically takes around 45minutes to complete and includes a full detailed 22-point service and safety inspection report.

Servicing & Maintenance

A stair lift maintenance check should be done once every six months and completely serviced at least once a year. This is done to be sure that the stair lift is running properly and that there are no problems with it. This will protect your loved one and give you the assurance that the stair lift will be safe to use. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks will also help to make the stair lift last longer which will save you money in the end. They will be able to fix any problems while they are still small before they turn into larger problems.  

Regular servicing and safety checks

Regular stairlift servicing and safety checks are critical to the longevity, safety and long-term operation of a stairlift. During stair lift servicing, the unit is inspected, adjusted and lubricated where necessary and according to manufacturer specifications to increase the overall life of the stair lift. If parts become worn or the function of the unit becomes unsafe, this will be identified during the visit so you will have to opportunity to avoid more expensive future repairs that have the potential to take weeks to fix. By conducting a regular stairlift service and safety check, many of the most common repair issues can be avoided.

Emergency Call Outs

At AMW we do our best to keep your stairlift in optimal working condition through our planned service schedules and our safety checks, however occasionally emergencies do arise. As part of our commitment to you, we offer our rapid response stairlift call-out service on an emergency basis. Our rapid response services can be accessed by simply calling our offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once we receive your call, we will dispatch a trained, knowledgeable engineer to your home. Each engineer travels with an optimised selection of parts in their vehicle so they can handle the most common repair issues in one call. Our emergency stairlift service is offered every day, twenty-four hours a day.

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