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Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift

Availability: New - Reconditioned - Rental

The Platinum Horizon stairlift is a mid-range stairlift. The Horizon has been ergonomically designed and is available in a range of colours, it also comes standard with a powered swivel seat and linked footrest raiser.

Platinum Horizon Stairlift

The Platinum Horizon Straight stairlift is one of the most advanced straight stairlifts available on the market.  Its unique ‘slim fit’ design incorporates a range of exciting new features as standard including a revolutionary Ergo chair, manual lever linked footrest raiser and a powered swivel.  The product has been ‘universally’ designed to suit both right and left-handed persons and comes with a fully adjustable seat to footrest height.  It fits stairs up to 62 degrees and is easy to install.


The quality, safety, comfort and reliability of all Platinum stairlifts are made to the highest standards. Once each product has gone through a number of rigorous safety checks, they are delivered with a personalised signed certificate of quality to assure you that the stairlift provided is of the highest quality that can be offered. All stairlifts are tested in the factory to ensure optimum efficiency and are then delivered with a personalised signed certificate of quality.

Next Day Installs Available

Subject to terms and conditions

Platinum’s stairlifts are made using aluminium rails; the same metal used to make cars, making the stairlifts strong and secure yet light, which allows the chair to move smoothly. Aluminium is also a natural resource meaning it won’t rust, which protects against spillages. Another feature of the stairlift is that it includes a seat belt for added safety and security. Although the stairlifts are incredibly safe, having a seatbelt gives the user peace of mind, allowing them to feel more comfortable and secure.

The stairlift comes with a powered swivel chair, which allows the user to automatically turn the chair at the top or bottom of the stairs. This ensures it is as easy as possible to get on and off the chair, even if another item of furniture is in the way.   It also includes a linked footrest raiser which not only allows the user to pick their perfect position but be able to control it without having to adjust it by hand. In addition to the footrest, all stairlifts also come with armrests for comfort, as well as safety.

For comfort the stairlifts also have a fully adjustable chair which maximizes the comfort and ride quality, allowing the user to feel at ease when moving up and down the stairs. 
Other features include a handheld remote control which not only controls allows you to stop and start the stairlift but also allows you to call it to you. Alongside this, it also has a control lever, which is ergonomically designed to make the lift easy and effortless.

Technical Specification

Loaded with features

  1. Revolutionary Ergo chair offers comfort and excellent back support. 

  2. Powered swivel included as standard.

  3. The Platinum Horizon also comes with a manual footrest linkage to allow you to lower the footrest from a sitting position. 

  4. Ergonomic controls on the arm make using the lift simple. 

  5. The in-arm diagnostic display gives you visual updates on what the lift is doing. 

  6. Two infra-red remote controls included to call and send the lift to where you need it to be.

  7. A retractable reel seat belt keeps you safe and secure when the lift is in travel. 

  8. It can be fitted on staircases up to 62 degrees to help you get upstairs, even on tricky staircases.

  9. Maximum user weight limit of 140kg

Product Videos

Who are Platinum Stairlifts?

Platinum stairlifts, located in the UK, are an established, high-quality stairlift company and have been trading since 1996. By designing and manufacturing their stairlifts, Platinum can ensure their stairlifts will be perfect to fit your needs and your home, as all of our products are custom built.


Platinum stairlifts are custom built in the UK, and the company prides itself on its unique testing procedures, highest grade components and excellent design and build quality.


Platinum stairlifts are built to satisfy a variety of customer needs, such as staircase size and shape, user weight and ability and various other adjustments to make each product specific to its user.


Renowned for its expertise and quality products, Platinum has been supplying a range of award-winning stairlifts worldwide since 1996.  The company, which formerly specialized solely in the design and manufacture of domestic curved stairlifts, has now announced its arrival into the straight stairlift market with an outstanding product.

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