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Handicare / Companion


Curved Stairlift

Availability: New

The Handicare 2000 stairlift suits most staircases with bends or corners and offers you all the basic functions that you would expect plus the option to upgrade to a powered seat swivel and/or folding footplate.

Handicare/Companion 2000

AMW has a solution for every staircase. All 2000 stairlifts share the same typical features: easy to operate, whisper silent and functional design with the twin tubular rail.​

If you are thinking about installing a stairlift, and your stairs turn corners or are spiral, the Handicare 2000 offers you a safe and reliable solution.


Handicare’s Stairlifts have helped thousands of people overcome the problems posed by going up and down their stairs at home.


The Handicare 2000 stairlift suits most staircases with bends or corners and offers you all the basic functions that you would expect plus the option to upgrade to a powered seat swivel and/or folding footplate.​

With a choice of six upholstery colours and two track colours the Handicare 2000 compliments most colour schemes.

Fitted to the stairs, not the wall, it is unlikely you will need to redecorate following the installation of your Handicare 2000 stairlift.


Like all Handicare stairlifts the Handicare 2000 has a battery backup which means it will continue to work in the event of a power cut so you do not need to worry about being stranded up or downstairs.


The compact unit folds up leaving the staircase free for other users and the bespoke track is designed to fit your individual staircase and maximise clear space on the stairway. It can be supplied with a powered hinged track if required.


The Handicare 2000 also comes with two remote controls which means, once folded, you can easily send it to the upstairs charge point freeing up space in your hallway.

Next Day Installs Available

Subject to terms and conditions

The first thing to remember is that all stair lifts were not created equal! Although there is an ever growing demand for stair lift equipment, it is truly amazing how many out dated products are being installed in peoples homes throughout theUK. This old technology equipment can be troublesome for the user - why? - because it's unreliable. Things have moved on since the days of chain drives and trailing cables.

Modern stair lifts, like the Handicare 2000 Stair Lift, are state of the art, in terms of design and manufacture, yet are so simple to install and maintain.

As with most things - there is a baffling amount of choice out there in the marketplace. When choosing a piece of equipment like a stair lift, it is important to ensure that you are making like-for-like comparisons. Think carefully when buying this type of product via the internet. Your first real opportunity to clearly see the features, engineering (and limitations) of your new stair lift, are when it arrives on your doorstep.

Loaded with features

  1. Maintenance free DC power

  2. Easy to use Paddle control

  3. Digital status display

  4. Smooth start/stop action

  5. Lockable isolation switch

  6. Swivel Seat

  7. Fold-up seat & footrest

  8. Powered swivel available

  9. Powered footrest available

  10. Infra-red remote controls

  11. Safety cut-out sensors

  12. Electronic and mechanical braking systems

  13. Whisper-quiet operation

  14. 21st weight capacity (140kg)

  15. Designed for simple installation

Style Seat

Handicare’s Style seat allows you to combine the 2000 curved track system with optional powered features to fold the footrest after use or swivel the seat to enhance ease of exit.

This stylish solution is tailored to your needs and your individual staircase, ensuring the best fit possible whilst giving you a choice of upholstery finishes and colours too.

Maximum capacity with:

  • Handicare 2000 hinged rail 115kg/18st stone

  • Handicare 2000 with non hinged rail 115kg/18st stone standard rail and 137kg/21½st with HD kit.

Smart Seat

With a choice of six colours, the Smart seat’s practical pre-formed upholstery provides a sturdy and resilient seat solution. Compatible with our twin tube curved stairlift system the Smart seat can be supplied with optional powered features to remove the need for bending to fold a footrest or turning to swivel the seat when getting on or off the stairlift upstairs.

Maximum capacity with:

  • Handicare 2000 Hinged rail 115kg / 18st stone

  • Handicare 2000 with non hinged rail 115kg / 18st stone standard rail and 137kg / 21½st with HD kit. The Smart seat also offers versions with additional arm spacers to increase the distance between the arms.

Simplicity Seat

If you do not require a powered swivel option, and you have a curved staircase, the 2000 Simplicity offers you a safe and cost effective way to overcome the challenge of climbing your stairs

The upholstery is available in a neutral sand coloured wipe clean flame retardant fabric.

The Simplicity seat swivel is manually operated but you can choose to add a powered footplate if you wish. The 2000 Simplicity comes with a retractable seat belt as standard but it can be ordered with a Velcro alternative if preferred.

Maximum capacity with:

  • Handicare 2000 Hinged rail 115kg/18st

  • Handicare 2000 with non hinged rail 115kg/18st standard rail and 137kg/21½st with HD kit

Perch Seat

If you have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints you may find sitting painful. In these situations a perch Smart seat may be the best solution for you.

A Perch seat means that the user is almost in a standing position when they are using the lift. There is a shortened seat (and retractable seat belt) which provides a stable support area for users to ‘perch’ on. This means that Perch Seats may also provide a solution for particularly narrow staircases where a user would not have room to travel in a seated position.

Upholstery is available in a choice of six colours.

Your Handicare supplier will be able to advise you which seat is most suited to your needs.

Maximum capacity with Handicare 2000 115kg/18st.

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Who are Handicare?

Handicare is a global leader committed to providing innovative products that promote independence. With a goal of making everyday life easier we manufacture an array of safe patient handling products as well as straight and curved stairlifts, serving the many needs of both caregivers and individuals limited in mobility.

Handicare has been providing lifting solutions for over 130 years. In 1961, Handicare manufactured their first stairlift in Europe and now, less than 60 years later, we are a major worldwide provider of safe and reliable solutions, manufacturing over 35,000 stairlifts each year.

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